School Anthem

Ch.: Holy Family, we sing to Thee
We pledge ourselves to Thee, to Thee
With Gratitude and Loyalty
We hail Thee, Holy Family.

1. When from that first day
through your welcome gates
We entered filled with hopeful mirth
You guided and guarded our eager hearts
You moulded our minds with priceless worth.

2. The values of our lives we learn,
At your fountain of knowledge and care
Our wills, our characters, our minds you form
Our God-given talents you make fair.

3. Holy Family, we praise you forever more
May our lives
proclaim your glorious name
God’s grace shall upon our School &
Staff e’er reign.
And in our Motherland may you gain fame!

(Words and music by Mrs. Annette Gonsalves
Assisted by Fr. Franscis Gonsalves S.J.)