Past Principals

Our School has had committed principals over the last 70 years reflecting the father’s continued commitment to education:

2014 to date Bro vaz

Dr. Bro. Thomas Vaz S.J.

Bro. Vaz took over as the principal of the school from the academic year 2014. he was earlier the Vice-Principal of the school

1998 – 2014 Fr. Swamy

Dr. Fr. Francis Swamy S.J.

Dr. Fr. Francis Swamy was amongst our longest serving principals. He is now the Manager at St. Xaviers High School, Fort

1995 – 1998

1982 – 1986

1977 – 1980


Fr. Joaquim Mascarenhas S.J.

Handsome, tough and meticulous to the smallest detail. Academics, sports and everything else went on improving. Jesuit educational policies at about this time began to change.
An option to work for the poorer section led to a shift in the admission policy. At least 40% students were now accepted in the school from the poorer sections of society.

1991 – 1995 tonyfonseca

Fr. Tony Fonseca S.J.

The sports loving, silver-haired maths genius, was busy putting HFHS on the sports map of Bombay. But he also made teh school a memorable and lively place to be in, with innovative co-curricular activities, and his personal touch.

1988 – 1991 gonsalves

Fr. Francis Gonsalves S.J.

He had an important role in opening of the Marathi section. He literally carried the school on his shoulders to Mahakali road, to its new and spacious premises, with grounds and a stadium!

1986 – 1988 edmund

Fr. Edmund Carassco S.J.

The gentle, kind, singing Principal. With him the high standards came to be maintained through his foresight and detailed planning.

1980 – 1982

Fr. Saby Fernandes S.J.

He gave the school his own brand of discipline. He was particularly gifted in guiding students through his lively group dynamics sessions, which endeared him to many.

1974 – 1977

1966 – 1968


Fr. Joe D’Abreo. S.J.

The return of the prodigal – Fr. Joe D’Abreo returned with his apt anecdotes and brought back the firm, kind and spotless look to the school.

1971 – 1974 aleu

Fr. V. Aleu S.J.

A Spaniard with a mastery over Hindi, and a slant for science, extended the school building and equipped it with some of the best laboratory equipment, still in evidence today.

1970 -1971

Fr Percy D’Souza S.J.

For one year, Fr. Percy D’Souza with his impeccable English, lifted up the spirits and the academic level of the school!

1968 – 1970 henrydcruz

Fr. Henry D’Cruza S.J.

Quiet and unassuming; but he kept the family spirit alive in the school.

1960 – 1966 basil

Fr Basil Fernandes S.J.

Fr. Jiminez made way for another great teacher and fund raiser … Fr. Basil Fernandes. He looked after the completion of the first phase of building a proper school structure.

1952 – 1960

Fr. H Jiminez S.J.

Gifted in planning and constructing, he took over as Principal. He was responsible for the first new building of the School and above all, obtained the official “recognition” from the educational department.

1951 – 1952

Fr. Fred Britto S.J.

An experienced teacher and a strict disciplinarian was appointed Principal.

1949 – 1951

Fr. Julius Gomes S.J.

The calm and understanding Jesuit, took over as principal.

1944 – 1949 keating

Fr. Denzil Keating S.J.

At the Chakala junction, on the Andheri Kurla Road, there existed a small property consisting of an open space, a garage, an out-house kitchen, and two small building structures – one had five rooms and verandah, the other had three rooms and a verandah. This caught the eye of Fr. Denzil Keating s.j. who that very year was appointed parish priest of Holy Family Parish. So with some financial assistance from the church authorities, he bought this property …. and thus was Holy Family School born – in 1944.

Just five class and 80 enthusiastic students! The first Principal was rightly Fr. Keating himself; and the first Headmistress Ms. Maud D’Costa who served the school till 1959. They both struggled to put this small babe on its feet. Maud through her organisational abilities and Fr. Keating through his kind yet firm approach guided this infant school so as to make its mark on the educational map of Bombay.