The Arena – Amphitheatre

The amphitheatre at holy family high school encourages students towards performing at different levels, may it be theatre or music. its a great venue for students to showcase their talents through a theatrical play or a music performance.

Computer Lab

The Computer room boasts more than 45 computers and is equipped with the latest software and hardware specifications, teaching students various courses at different levels thus making them industry ready.

Language Labs

The language labs have been designed both in the primary and secondary to help students improve their diction an enhance their vocabulary through various audio Visual Aids thus giving them more confidence and an edge above all.

Maths Lab

The maths lab in the primary section helps students to develop their mind at a more practical level were groups of children interact with various shapes, measures, blocks, coins & notes, giving them that extra edge at a very young age.

Swimming Pool

The swimming Pool which started in April 2009 is open for its students and has trained hundreds of students to swim in a variety of styles.

Dance Therapy Room

The Dance therapy room was set up as a stress buster for students.Students now have a dedicated dance therapy session in their daily time table for them to unwind an relax thus making school an great place to be.


Holy Family High School boasts of a comprehensive, up-to-date library of about 10,000 books. The school invests in new books every year. The library displays books on various topics and by various authors.

Smart Board

High definition Multimedia Projectors in every class constitute to the smart board where students learn their curriculum through audio visual slides and presentations making class more interesting and interactive.

Play Grounds

Open space, fresh air, voices cheering and spirits soaring is what you will see on our playgrounds. These days with little or no play area and time as well; we have ensured that our children do not miss out on it at school also. We have a huge play area which accommodates a football field………