About Us

Holy Family School is a High School affiliated to the Maharashtra State Board of Education.
The School was established and administered by the Roman Catholic diocese of Bombay.under the Religious jurisdiction of the Roman Catholic Bishop of Bombay. Having been founded in 1944, it is run by the Fathers and Brothers of the Society of Jesus. It is a Religious Congregation, internationally known for its Apostolate in Education. The School primarily aims at educating children of the Catholic Community in the vicinity, and extends its services to other communities as well.

The Society of Jesus also known as Jesuits is a Christian Religious Order founded by St. Ignatius of Loyola in 1540. It has been active in the sphere of education throughout the world. In India, the Society of Jesus is responsible for the education of hundreds of young people belonging to every social class, community and religious group. Jesuit education is inspired by the vision of Man drawn from the life and teaching of Jesus Christ. It is also based on the principles of character-formation elaborated by St. Ignatius of Loyola. It is this, which gives Jesuit education its special character.

In general, the Jesuit school aims at the personal integration of the students. To this end, special efforts are made :

  • To help the students become mature, spiritually-oriented men / women of character,
  • To encourage them continually to strive after excellence in every field,
  • To be clear and firm on principles, courageous and resolute in action,
  • To be unselfish in the service of their fellow men and become agents of progressive social change,
  • To instill in them a true national spirit, a deep love for the motherland, an appreciation of Indian culture, values, language and things Indian, and a keen civic and social sense.

In particular, excellence in education is measured not by the quality of the work produced by the ablest students but by the degree to which every student has realized his full potentialities. In other words, it is not the highest point our best students reach but the distance through which all our students move from the point where they start to the farthest reaches of their development. In the development of the intellect, accent is placed on the cultivation of a creative, critical intellect so that the students are able to see, perceive, understand, discern and evaluate true life situations.

However, Education is not merely the development of the mind but also the heart, feelings, emotions, so that the students are more aware, more alive to situations in which people live, specially the poor and the oppressed. In the formation of character, emphasis is laid on the qualities of commitment, initiative, team spirit, integrity, honesty, austerity, simplicity and service of others.

Obviously, the end-product is a very special type of person. Bearing the above principles in mind, the type of person this educational institution seeks to fashion is one who is :

  • Convinced that the value of a person lies more in what he is, than in what he has.
  • Convinced that ‘it is more joyful to give than to receive’ as Jesus has taught us.
  • A generous person who knows how to give what he has, giving not only leftovers but even what he badly needs. Even more, he knows how to give himself in the service of others.
  • A noble person who always follows his conscience. He remains un-swayed by advantages, promises, offers or privileges which might cause him to compromise his sense of duty.
  • Respects his principles, promises and commitments. He lives up to his word.
  • Respects others, looking on them as persons having rights, not as things to be maneuvered to his own advantage.
  • A free man, not enslaved by money, because he knows that “he who has, wants more” and “that money is a good servant but a bad master”.
  • Works diligently, knowing how to use his time, convinced that time is already eternity. Since time lost is never retrieved, he tries not to waste time.
  • Modest, seeking to do good without proclaiming it from the roof-top. Indeed, he does not want his right hand to know what his left hand is about.
  • Prudent and discreet in speech, bearing in mind the proverb, that “He who wants to speak well, must think clearly”.
  • Has a big heart, envious of none, loves and esteems everyone; he knows how to forgive and does not make enemies.
  • Does to others what he would want others to do unto him.
  • Loves and respects his country’s rich, cultural heritage. He is conscious of his duties as a citizen and takes an active interest in national affairs.
  • Has a keen sense of justice. He is filled with an inner sense of revulsion for unjust situations and takes positive steps to build a better world.